Volume 29 Issue 1 Supplement 1, 2023
Health and Medical Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Anne Fung, Richard A Collins
Association of alcohol social media marketing with young adult drinking expectancies and behaviours: abridged secondary publication
JH Kim, BHK Yip, RHW Chan
Epidemiological and demographic contributions to future cancer burden in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
IOL Wong, BJ Cowling, YT Lam, KF Lam
Targeting androgen receptor in BQ323636.1 overexpressing oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer to overcome aromatase inhibitor resistance: abridged secondary publication
H Tsoi, EPS Man, J Lok, CN Cheng, LS Wong, SY Chan, MH Leung, WL Chan, US Khoo
Machine learning in predicting hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with chronic viral hepatitis in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
GLH Wong, HLY Chan, YK Tse, PC Yuen, VWS Wong
Diagnostic accuracy of tele-ophthalmology versus face-to-face consultation: abridged secondary publication
KC Shih, JKW Wong, JX Lian, CLK Lam, JSM Lai
Foreign language training via mobile application to improve cognitive functions in patients with mild cognitive impairment: abridged secondary publication
PCM Wong, SYC Tsang, Z Deng, M Antoniou
High-dimensional machine learning to predict hospital readmission among older people with chronic kidney disease: abridged secondary publication
Q Zhang, E Leung, JTF Lau, KKF Tsoi, HY So, WWS Ho, SCY Cheung
Cost-effectiveness of screening and management strategies for chlamydia control in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
WCW Wong, C Wong, J Ong, C Fairley, J Hocking
Surveillance of environmental contamination by antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant pathogens: abridged secondary publication
K Fukuda, T Lam, H Tun, JSM Peiris, BJ Cowling, T Zhang
Novel dentotropic antimicrobial peptide to prevent dental caries: abridged secondary publication
CH Chu, ML Mei, WKK Wu
Suppression of type I and type II interferon production and signalling by Epstein-Barr virus BGLF2 protein: abridged secondary publication
DY Jin, KS Yuen, MG Botelho
Maternal antibody against influenza neuraminidase in newborns: abridged secondary publication
RAPM Perera, SSS Chiu, RSL Au Yeung, JSM Peiris
Recurrent miscarriage and risk of obstetric and perinatal complications in subsequent pregnancy: abridged secondary publication
TC Li, BHK Yip, X Chen
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