Proteomics-based approach for target discovery in Zika virus infection: abridged secondary publication
HM Tun1; S Sanyal2
1 HKU-Pasteur Research Pole, School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong
2 Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford
1. The proteomics-based approach is effective in rapid identification of functionally relevant targets in virus infections.
2. Deubiquitylases that are specifically activated upon Zika/dengue virus infection are key regulators of immune activation and virus secretion via Src-family kinases (SFK) function.
3. Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of deubiquitylases and SFKs can effectively attenuate production of viral progenies.
4. A biochemical screening strategy combined with in vivo models can provide powerful means of developing drug screening platforms.