Volume 28 Issue 3 Supplement 3, 2022
Health and Medical Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Health Research Symposium 2021: Implementing evidence-based research in the era of COVID-19 and other global health challenges
RA Collins, TN Wei, AMY Tang, AOK Fan, AYK Fung
Reversibility of liver stiffness after tricuspid annuloplasty: a case-control study (abridged secondary publication)
KH Yiu, WK Seto, MF Yuen, HF Tse
Circulating transforming growth factor-β and aortic dilation in repaired hearts: abridged secondary publication
YF Cheung, PC Chow, EKF So, KW Chan
Tai Chi versus brisk walking in reducing cardiovascular risk factors: a randomised controlled trial (abridged secondary publication)
AWK Chan, DTF Lee, JWH Sit, SY Chair, DYP Leung, LYL Leung, LCW Fung
Cognitive behavioural therapy for adherence and sub-clinical depression in type 2 diabetes: a randomised controlled trial (abridged secondary publication)
A Au, H Nan, R Sum, F Ng, A Kwong, S Wong
Decision-making experiences of family carers of older people with moderate dementia towards community and residential care home services: a grounded theory inquiry (abridged secondary publication)
LPL Low, DTF Lee, LW Lam
Combined physical exercise-working memory training on slowing down cognitive decline in elders with mild clinical Alzheimer disease: a randomised controlled study (abridged secondary publication)
LCW Lam, WC Chan, TCY Kwok, JSW Lee, BML Yu, S Lee, ATC Lee, SL Ma, ST Cheng
High-impact weight-bearing home exercises in girls with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a pilot study (abridged secondary publication)
SSC Hui, RWL Lau, JCY Cheng, TP Lam
Smartphone application-based school absenteeism reporting system for infectious disease surveillance in Hong Kong schools: abridged secondary publication
DKMI Ip, EYC Lau, BJ Cowling
Physical activity and fundamental movement skills in children with developmental coordination disorder: abridged secondary publication
CHP Sit, JJ Yu, CM Capio, R Masters, B Abernethy
Five-step hand hygiene programme for students with mild intellectual disability: abridged secondary publication
RLT Lee, C Leung, H Chen, WK Tong, PH Lee
Electrocoagulation versus gelantine-thrombin matrix sealant for haemostasis after laparoscopic surgery of ovarian endometriomas: a randomised control trial (abridged secondary publication)
PW Chung, TC Li
Effectiveness and safety of acupuncture for overactive bladder: a randomised controlled trial (abridged secondary publication)
ZX Lin, NHT Chan, YK Kwan, H Zhang, YT Chan, KYS Tam
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