Prevalence and contextual risk factors of sexually transmitted infections in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
WCW Wong, JD Tucker, HK Man, M Emch, LG Yang, Y Zhao
Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, The University of Hong Kong
1. The prevalence of composite sexually transmitted infections (STIs) was 1.9%, with 1.2% among men and 2.5% among women, and similarly for chlamydia at 1.4% overall, with 1.2% for men and 1.7% for women.
2. However, the prevalence of chlamydial infection was 5.8% in young sexually active women, 4.8% in the sexually active men, and 4.1% in sexually active women aged 40 to 49 years.
3. Three independent risk factors were identified for both composite STIs and chlamydia: younger age, living alone, and males (or females with male partners) travelled outside Hong Kong in the past 12 months.
4. Mandatory surveillance and reporting of STIs and large population-based screening of chlamydia should be considered.