Volume 26 Issue 6 Supplement 8, 2020
Health and Medical Research Fund
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Richard A Collins, Martin Chan Chi-wai
Prevalence of neuronal membrane target antibodies in first-episode psychosis: abridged secondary publication
CSY Chong, WTL Lo, CM Mak, SPL Chen, KK Lau, B Sheng
Purpose-built intervention for mental health of Mainland Chinese immigrant women survivors of intimate partner violence: a randomised controlled trial (abridged secondary publication)
A Tiwari, DYT Fong, FKH Yuen, HYK Yuk Fung, POY Pang, JYH Wong
Targeting H3K27 trimethylation epigenome for liver cancer prevention: abridged secondary publication
ASL Cheng, HT Wang, DPF Tsang, YY Lee, W Kang, KF To
Ginsenoside-Rb1 as an anti-cancer therapeutic: abridged secondary publication
AST Wong, CKC Wong
Fast-track versus traditional perioperative care for laparoscopic colorectal surgery: a prospective randomised trial (abridged secondary publication)
SSM Ng, SKC Chan, MHL Ng, JFY Lee, PBS Lai
Parkinson disease and leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 gene mutation: abridged secondary publication
SL Ho, PWL Ho, DCW Siu
Adiponectin gene therapy for Alzheimer disease in a mouse model: abridged secondary publication
RCL Ng, M Jian, LW Yick, M Bunting, JSC Kwan, SK Chung, KH Chan
Huperzine A in treatment of amyloid-β-associated neuropathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease: abridged secondary publication
Q Yuan, ZX Lin, W Wu, WN Albert, BCY Zee
Promoting physical activity among physically inactive people with impaired glucose tolerance and/or impaired fasting glucose: a clustered randomised controlled trial (abridged secondary publication)
JTF Lau, JCN Chan, SOL Pong, HHY Chung, R Ozaki, MCS Wong, EFL Leung, LWH Mui, KC Choi
Dedifferentiation-reprogrammed human mesenchymal stem cells for treating ischaemic stroke: abridged secondary publication
X Zhang, F Yang, R Chen, L Tsang, X Jiang, H Chan
Dysregulation of miR223 and miR431 expression in intestinal tissues of preterm infants with necrotising enterocolitis: abridged secondary publication
YZ Wu, KYY Chan, KT Leung, HS Lam, YH Tam, KH Lee, K Li, PC Ng
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