Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of the Salmonella virulence regulatory network: abridged secondary publication
MHY Wong, D Lin, R Li, EWC Chan, S Chen
Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
1. The virulence of Salmonella is not defined by the genetic traits of specific strains but by the expression of specific house-keeping and stressresponse genes, including HilA, HilD, HilC, and RNase III.
2. Salmonella double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) can induce host immune responses.
3. The RNase III level defines the ability of a Salmonella strain to trigger host immune response.
4. Over-expression of RNase III occurs in the highly virulent strains Salmonella, resulting in a lower dsRNA level and hence milder immune response and higher virulence.