Improving the current diabetic macular oedema screening programme
I Wong1; R Wong2; R Gangwani1; V Chong3; R Kawasaki4
1 Department of Ophthalmology, LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
2 Department of Ophthalmology, The Hong Kong Eye Hospital
3 Department of Ophthalmology, Oxford University, UK
4 Department of Public Health, Yamagata University Graduate School of Medical Science, Japan
1. The current diabetic retinopathy screening strategy is very effective at detecting maculopathy, but it has low sensitivity and positive predictive value.
2. Under the current strategy, up to 87.1% of patients referred to ophthalmologists for maculopathy screening were found to be false positives.
3. Three newly proposed screening strategies were compared with the current strategy in terms of sensitivity index and cost-effectiveness.
4. Strategy D that incorporated macular optical coherence tomography for all patients into the current strategy was most cost-effective.