Associations of wheeze during the first 18 months of life with indoor nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, and family history of asthma: a prospective cohort study
AM Li1, CKC Fung1, ITS Yu1, WB Goggins1, GYS Chan2, CK Chan3, APS Lau3, JOS Leung4
1 The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
3 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
4 Department of Health
1. Wheeze is common among infants and toddlers; recurrent wheeze may indicate underlying asthma.
2. A family history of asthma increases the risk of new onset wheeze.
3. Indoor exposure to formaldehyde is associated with the risk of new onset wheeze, with a 2% increase for each 10-unit increase in formaldehyde.
4. Prevention measures to reduce formaldehyde exposure may reduce wheezy attacks and related disease burden in youngsters.