Combined electroacupuncture and auricular acupuncture for primary insomnia: a randomised controlled trial of dose-response effect
KF Chung1, WF Yeung2, BYM Yu2, SP Zhang3, ZJ Zhang2
1 Department of Psychiatry, The University of Hong Kong
2 School of Chinese Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
3 School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University
1. Acupuncture alone and a combination of acupuncture and auricular acupuncture were well-tolerated and better than the waiting list for the treatment of insomnia.
2. Acupuncture alone and combination treatment both produced durable effects on sleep, anxiety, and depressive symptoms, and improved daytime functioning up to at least 13 weeks after treatment.
3. Augmentation of acupuncture by auricular acupuncture to enhance efficacy was not supported.
4. Future head-to-head comparisons between Chinese medicine treatments and conventional therapies for insomnia are required.