Volume 24 Issue 1 Supplement 2, 2018
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Health and Medical Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Edmond SK Ma, Richard A Collins
Chinese calligraphic writing to enhance cognitive performance and emotional calmness in older adults with mild cognitive impairment
CCH Chan, AY Derbie, I Hui, MYC Pang, KNK Fong, SCC Chan
Brief integrated sleep-focused treatment for persistent sleep disturbance in residual depression: an assessor-blind, parallel group, randomised controlled study
YK Wing, AM Li, JSP Lam, SX Li, APL Kwok
Effect of health empowerment intervention for stroke self-management on behaviour and health in stroke rehabilitation patients
JWH Sit, SY Chair, CWH Chan Yip, KC Choi, DTF Lee, KP Leung, SW Tang, PS Chan
Chronic disease self-management and cognitive training programme to improve diabetic control in older outpatients with memory complaints: a randomised trial
TCY Kwok, CWR Ma, SY Leung, J Lee, WY So, E Hui
Adoption of the reference framework for diabetes care by primary care physicians
MCS Wong, KWK Tsang, K Kung, C Wong, VCH Chung, HHX Wang, BHK Yip, RY Chung, JCN Chan
Improving early risk stratification in patients presenting to emergency department with suspected acute coronary syndrome
TH Rainer, AT Ahuja, CA Graham, BPY Yan, JKT Wong, CPY Chan
Assessment of long-term functional outcome in patients who sustained moderate or major trauma: a 4-year prospective cohort study
TH Rainer, CA Graham, HH Yeung, WS Poon, HF Ho, CW Kam, P Cameron
Home-based interactive e-health educational intervention for middle-aged adults to improve total exercise, adherence rate, exercise efficacy, and outcome: a randomised controlled trial
EML Wong, SY Chair, DYP Leung, JWH Sit, KP Leung
Perceived unmet supportive care needs and determinants of quality of life among survivors of head and neck cancer
WKW So, KC Choi, CWH Chan, SY Chair, RWM Wan, SSS Mak, WM Ling, WT Ng
Voice performance in tonal language speakers with glottal insufficiency due to unilateral vocal fold paralysis after injection laryngoplasty: a multidimensional study of Cantonese patients
ML Ng, BYH Wong
Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach to geriatric hip fractures in improving clinical outcomes and cost of care
FKL Leung, TW Lau, GWY Yuen, EMT Chan, P Chan, RYH Lam
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