Epidemiology of hepatitis E infection in Hong Kong
DPC Chan, KCK Lee, SS Lee
Stanley Ho Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1. The overall anti–hepatitis E virus (HEV) seropositivity was 32.0%. It increased with age from 9.4% in individuals aged <30 years to 45.1% in those aged >59 years.
2. Independent risk factors associated with HEV seropositivity were age >35 years (odds ratio [OR]=3.25), no hand-washing practice after handling shellfish (OR=1.63), and higher education level (OR=0.57).
3. Anti-HEV seropositivity was more prevalent in patients with chronic liver disease (44.0%) and individuals aged >54 years (44.0%).
4. In a subgroup of frequent food handlers, the incidence of HEV infection was 0.8% during a 12-month period.