Volume 21 Issue 6 Supplement 6, 2015
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Edmond SK Ma, Richard A. Collins
Health-related quality of life in patients with colorectal neoplasm and cost-effectiveness of colorectal cancer screening in Hong Kong
CLK Lam, WL Law, JTC Poon, P Chan, CKH Wong, SM McGhee, DYT Fong
Generalised cost-effectiveness analysis for breast cancer prevention and care in Hong Kong Chinese
IOL Wong, JWH Tsang, BJ Cowling, GM Leung
Cost-effective osteoporosis intervention thresholds for Hong Kong postmenopausal women
AWC Kung, SM McGhee, SWY Tsang, J So, J Chau
Predicting postoperative cardiac complications using automated endothelial function test
MTV Chan, T Gin
Projecting ischaemic heart disease mortality and morbidity in Hong Kong
IOL Wong, BJ Cowling, SV Lo, WYH Chan, CM Schooling
Association of infant growth and pubertal adiposity: implications for future cardiovascular health and immunological benefits
LL Hui, CM Schooling, M Heys, MY Wong
Physical health needs, lifestyle choices, and quality of life among people with mental illness in the community
WWS Mak, PKH Mo, JTF Lau, SYS Wong
Rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder and psychiatry: a case-control study
YK Wing, SP Lam, JMY Tsoh, VCT Mok
Infant or childhood obesity and adolescent depression
CM Schooling, KYL Hon, SL Lin, MK Kwok, SM Stewart
Caries risk assessment programmes for Hong Kong children
XL Gao, ECM Lo, CH Chu, SCY Hsu
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