Volume 21 Issue 2 Supplement 2, 2015
Health Research Symposium 2014
Commissioned Research on Mental Health Policy and Services: Research Dissemination Reports
Health Research Symposium 2014: Translating Health Research into Policy for Health of the Population
RA Collins, AMY Tang, ESK Ma, MSM Tay
Commissioned Research on Mental Health Policy and Services
Stigma towards people with psychiatric disorders
WWS Mak, FMC Cheung, SYS Wong, WK Tang, JTF Lau, J Woo, DTF Lee
Epidemiology and natural history of depressive disorders in primary care
WY Chin
Early intervention versus standard care for psychosis in Hong Kong: a 10-year study
SKW Chan, EYH Chen, JYM Tang, CPY Chiu, MML Lam, DWS Chung, S Tso, SF Hung, KC Yip, ELW Dunn
Three-year community case management for early psychosis: a randomised controlled study
EYH Chen, WC Chang, SKW Chan, MML Lam, SF Hung, DWS Chung, CLM Hui, GHY Wong, WS Au Yang, JYM Tang
Perceived stigmatisation of patients with mental illness and its psychosocial correlates: a prospective cohort study
WT Chien, SWC Chan, FKK Yeung, HFK Chiu, BFL Ng
Health outcomes, community resources for health, and support strategies 12 months after discharge in patients with severe mental illness
SMC Pang, FKK Yeung, EFC Cheung, J Mui, WT Chien, SF Leung, D Thompson
Assertive community treatment for psychiatric patients with frequent hospitalisation
CC Lee, SK Liem, JSY Leung, K Wong, SK Yuen, WL Lee, WL Lo, NH Yip
Pathway of psychiatric care in Hong Kong
WC Chan, PPL Chow, LCW Lam, SF Hung, EFC Cheung, ELW Dunn, RMK Ng, JCK Fu
Use of the Historical, Clinical, Risk Management-20 to assess the risk of violence by discharged psychiatric patients
RMY Ho, HHK Cheung, TTS Lai, VFL Tam, CK Yan, WL Chan, KK Yuen
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