Volume 20 Issue 4 Supplement 4 2014
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Research Dissemination Reports
Ivy Cheung, Richard A. Collins
Impact of breastfeeding on infectious disease hospitalisation: the Children of 1997 cohort
M Tarrant, CM Schooling, SLS Leung, KH Mak, LM Ho, GM Leung
Does chronic psychosocial stress modulate immunity to influenza vaccine in Hong Kong Chinese elderly?
SYS Wong, J Woo, FWK Chan, CWK Lam, PKS Chan, CK Wong
Aerosol dispersion during various respiratory therapies: a risk assessment model of nosocomial infection to health care workers
DSC Hui, MTV Chan, B Chow
Cellular signalling pathways of matrix metalloproteinase gene expression by Pseudomonas aeruginosa–infected human bronchial epithelial cells
WS Hui,SP Ho,AT Wong,PL Ho,JCW Mak
Substrate specificity and rational design of peptidomimetic inhibitors for SARS coronavirus main protease
KB Wong, DCC Wan, HF Chow
Profiling of substrate-specificity and rational design of broad-spectrum peptidomimetic inhibitors for main proteases of coronaviruses
CP Chuck, ZH Ke, C Chen, DCC Wan, HF Chow, KB Wong
Behavioural changes in relation to risk perception and prevention of avian and human influenza in Hong Kong, 2006 to 2010
R Fielding, BJ Cowling, Q Liao, WWT Lam
Infection attack rates during the epidemic of swine influenza A by tracking temporal changes in age-specific seroprevalence rates
JT Wu, BJ Cowling, I Hung, YL Lau, JSM Peiris
Effect of Scutellariae radix (Huangqin) on preventing rhinovirus-provoked asthmatic inflammation in cultured human bronchial epithelia
WH Ko,Y Huang
Antiviral activity of Chinese medicine–derived phytochemicals against avian influenza A (H5N1) virus
VEC Ooi, PKS Chan, LCM Chiu, SSM Sun , HNC Wong
DNAzymes for treatment of dengue fever
L Baum, KE Olson, PKS Chan, WY Lam
Cellular enhancing and restricting factors of dengue virus egress
PG Wang, M Kudelko, KTH Kwok, R Bruzzone, B Nal
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