Hong Kong Med J 1995;1:31-7 | Number 1,March 1995
The epidemiology, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis in Hong Kong Chinese
Department of Community and Family Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lek Yuen Health Centre, Shatin, Hong Kong
There is an epidemic of osteoporosis and hip fracture in Hong Kong Chinese. The main risk factors for osteoporotic hip fracture in Hong Kong Chinese are a low calcium intake, a lack of load-bearing activities and hormonal deficiency. The therapeutic agents for the treatment of established osteoporosis include calcitonin, bisphosphonates, sodium flouride and vitamin D. However, primary prevention by maintaining an adequate calcium intake, performing regular load-bearing exercise, and hormonal replacement therapy are the only cost-effective approach in the management osteoporosis.
Key words: Osteoporosis; Hip fracture; Chinese
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