Hong Kong Med J 2013;19(Suppl 9):S4-8
Stages of change, self-stigma, and treatment compliance among Chinese adults with severe mental illness
HWH Tsang
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
1. Individuals with higher global functioning, better readiness for action, and lower self- esteem decrement tend to have better psychosocial treatment participation.
2. Individuals with lesser psychiatric symptoms are more likely to have better treatment attendance.
3. Self-stigmatisation undermines treatment compliance. Its indirect effects can be mediated via stages of change and insight.
4. The self-stigma reduction programme may reduce self- esteem decrement, promote readiness for changing own problematic behaviours, and enhance psychosocial treatment compliance. However, its therapeutic effects were not maintained during the 6-month follow-up.