Hong Kong Med J 2013;19:61–8 | Number 1, February 2013
Use of biologics for inflammatory bowel disease in Hong Kong: consensus statement
WK Leung, Siew C Ng, Dorothy KL Chow, WC Lao, Vincent KS Leung, Michael KK Li, YT Hui, Simon SM Ng, Aric J Hui, ST Lai, Jodis TW Lam, Jensen TC Poon, Annie OO Chan, H Yuen, Justin CY Wu; Hong Kong IBD Society
Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
OBJECTIVE. With the increasing use of biologics in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, the Hong Kong IBD Society developed a set of consensus statements intended to serve as local recommendations for clinicians about the appropriate use of biologics for treating inflammatory bowel disease.
PARTICIPANTS. The consensus meeting was held on 9 July 2011 in Hong Kong. Draft consensus statements were developed by core members of the Hong Kong IBD Society, including local gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons experienced in managing patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
EVIDENCE. Published literature and conference proceedings on the use of biologics in management of inflammatory bowel disease, and guidelines and consensus issued by different international and regional societies on recommendations for biologics in inflammatory bowel disease patients were reviewed.
CONSENSUS PROCESS. Four core members of the consensus group drafted 19 consensus statements through the modified Delphi process. The statements were first circulated among a clinical expert panel of 15 members for review and comments, and were finalised at the consensus meeting through a voting session. A consensus statement was accepted if at least 80% of the participants voted “accepted completely” or “accepted with some reservation”.
CONCLUSIONS. Nineteen consensus statements about inflammatory bowel disease were generated by the clinical expert panel meeting. The statements were divided into four parts which covered: (1) epidemiology of the disease in Hong Kong; (2) treatment of the disease with biologics; (3) screening and contra-indications pertaining to biologics; and (4) patient monitoring after use of biologics. The current statements are the first to describe the appropriate use of biologics in the management of inflammatory bowel disease in Hong Kong, with an aim to provide guidance for local clinical practice.
Key words: Biological agents; Hong Kong; Gastrointestinal agents; Inflammatory bowel diseases; Practice guidelines as topic
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