Hong Kong Med J 2012;18:250–2 | Number 3, June 2012
A sarcoma of 23 years' duration: symptom duration is not a reliable parameter to exclude malignancy
YL Lam, WY Ho, TP Ng, Amanda Kan, Tony WH Shek
Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Queen Mary Hospital, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
This report describes a 31-year-old woman with a 23-year history of a right buttock mass that was otherwise asymptomatic, but was proven to be a low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma (a fully malignant soft tissue tumour with a potential for distant metastasis). This case illustrates that a long-standing tumour does not necessarily imply a benign pathology. A vigilant approach should be taken for any tumours that are of significant size (larger than 5 cm).
Key words: Fibrosarcoma; Sarcoma; Soft tissue neoplasms
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