Hong Kong Med J 2012;18:68-9 | Number 1, February 2012
Cough mixture abuse and rhabdomyolysis
Jenny SK Tsang, WY Au
Department of Psychiatry, Kwai Chung Hospital, 3-15 Kwai Chung Hospital Road, Hong Kong
Cough mixture abuse is an emerging problem among young men in Oriental countries. Its metabolic consequences have been recognised only recently. Such abusers can develop severe folate deficiency, which may be related to peripheral and central nervous system defects. We report three cough mixture abusers with rhabdomyolysis. All suffered from folate deficiencies and also had a history of anti-psychotic drug use. This represents one more life-threatening side-effect from cough mixture abuse.
Key words: Antitussive agents; Cough/drug therapy; Folic acid deficiency; Rhabdomyolysis; Substance-related disorders
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