Hong Kong Med J 2011;17:381–5 | Number 5, October 2011
Centipede bite victims: a review of patients presenting to two emergency departments in Hong Kong
HT Fung, SK Lam, OF Wong
Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, United Christian Hospital, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
OBJECTIVE. To review the clinical characteristics of patients presenting after centipede bites in Hong Kong.
DESIGN. Descriptive case series.
SETTING. Emergency departments of two public hospitals in Hong Kong.
PATIENTS. Patients presenting after centipede bites between 2006 and 2010.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES. Demographics, time and locations of bites, symptoms and signs, treatments and outcomes.
RESULTS. A total of 46 relevant patient records were retrieved. The bites were frequently at night, indoors, on lower limbs, and consistently resulted in pain. The majority of the victims were treated with analgesia, anti-histamines, and antibiotics. One patient developed necrosis and five re-attended for delayed pruritus and relapsed/recurrent swelling.
CONCLUSIONS. Centipede bites are usually uncomplicated, but may lead to necrosis or delayed hypersensitive reactions.
Key words: Arthropods; Emergency treatment; Insect bites and stings; Necrosis
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