Hong Kong Med J 2011;17:335-7 | Number 4, August 2011
Necrotising fasciitis caused by Vibrio vulnificus in the lower limb following exposure to seafood on the hand
Vincent Hau, CO Ho
Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Caritas Medical Centre, 111 Wing Hong Street, Shamshuipo, Hong Kong
Vibrio vulnificus infection mainly manifests as primary bacteraemia or gastroenteritis following injection of the microorganism, and wound infection through direct inoculation. Injury from exposure to the microorganism and development of necrotising fasciitis at a remote site and sepsis are rare. This report is of a high-risk patient with haemoglobin H disease who developed necrotising fasciitis in the lower limb after exposure to seafood on the hand.
Key words: Fasciitis, necrotizing; Gram-negative bacterial infections; Hemoglobin H; Vibrio infections; Wound infection
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