Hong Kong Med J 2010;16:390-6 | Number 5, October 2010
Twists and turns in the body: an imaging spectrum
Shiobhon Y Luk, KH Fung
Department of Radiology, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Life is full of twists and turns. These surprises can sometimes be wonderfully invigorating. Twists and turns can also occur in the body, however, sometimes with dangerous consequences. Torsion and volvulus are important causes of acute abdominal pain. The clinical symptoms and signs associated with torsion and volvulus are often non-specific and are difficult to diagnose clinically. Clinicians frequently rely on imaging methods to make the diagnosis. Prompt and accurate diagnosis is important to avoid the life-threatening complications of torsion and volvulus. Therefore, it is helpful to be familiar with the features of torsion and volvulus.
Key words: Diagnostic imaging; Intestinal volvulus; Stomach volvulus; Torsion abnormality; Uterine diseases
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