Volume 16 Issue 3 Supplement 3, 2010
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Health Care and Promotion Fund
Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports (Series 16)
Stewart Chan, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
Ageing and utilisation of hospital services in Hong Kong: a retrospective cohort study
J Woo, W Goggins, X Zhang, V Wong, S Griffiths
Effectiveness of different models of health care delivery in the primary care setting of general outpatient clinics in Hong Kong
S Twinn, A Lee, AT Lam, DR Thompson, F Cheng, W Goggins
Assessing self-care behaviour of heart failure patients: cross-cultural adaptation of two heart failure self-care instruments
DSF Yu, DTF Lee, DR Thompson, J Woo, E Leung
Genitourinary problems and mood disorders in elderly Chinese men in Hong Kong: an epidemiological cohort study
SYS Wong, J Woo, PC Leung
Efficacy of psychosocial intervention in improving quality of life and psychological well-being of Chinese patients with colorectal cancer: a randomised controlled trial
AM Lee, JWC Ho, CLW Chan
Effectiveness of an empowerment intervention in abused Chinese women
AFY Tiwari, F Salili, RYP Chan, EKL Chan, D Tang
Residential Assessment Instrument 2.0 in care planning for residents in nursing homes
I Chi, BVKK Law, ACT Leung, CP Liu, CS Yeoh, YH Cheng, AMK Ma, CK Kwan, C Lai
Evaluation of risk assessment tools and infectious aetiology in cancer patients with fever and neutropaenia in Hong Kong
EP Hui, LKS Leung, F Mo, VTC Chan, ATW Ma, A Poon, EK Hui, SS Mak, M Lai, KIK Lei, BBY Ma, TSK Mok, W Yeo, B Zee, ATC Chan
Cost-effectiveness analysis of mammography screening in Hong Kong Chinese using state-transition Markov modelling
IOL Wong, KM Kuntz, BJ Cowling, CLK Lam, GM Leung
Oropharyngeal mucositis-specific quality-of-life measure in patients with cancer therapy
KKF Cheng, SF Leung, RHS Liang, JWM Tai, RMW Yeung, DR Thompson
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