Hong Kong Med J 2009;15:447-51 | Number 6, December 2009
A survey of prenatal first-trimester aneuploidy screening among Hong Kong specialist obstetricians
YM Chan, Daljit S Sahota, OK Chan, TY Leung, TK Lau
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, Hong Kong
OBJECTIVES. To determine the background, qualifications, and certification status of specialists currently performing first trimester screening in Hong Kong, the extent of their participation (and the laboratories they use) in quality assurance programmes, and their willingness to provide follow-up data for auditing purposes.
DESIGN. Questionnaire survey.
SETTING. Hong Kong.
PARTICIPANTS. A survey was mailed to all registered Hong Kong specialist obstetricians. Results were reported using descriptive statistics.
RESULTS. The response rate was 32% (106/331). Overall, 73% offered universal screening to all pregnant women. The majority (72%) most commonly performed first trimester screening for their patients. Sixty-six (62%) of the respondents performed nuchal translucency scanning; only 30 (45%) were accredited by a recognised body to perform such scans. Only 33% of the relevant laboratories used by specialists participated in external quality assurance programmes specific to Down's syndrome screening undertaken by a third party organisation.
CONCLUSIONS. According to our data, first trimester screening has become one of the most common screening strategies for Down's syndrome in Hong Kong, but there is a need to assess the quality of such prenatal screening for aneuploidy to ensure its efficacy.
Key words: Down syndrome; Mass screening; Nuchal translucency measurement; Pregnancy trimester, first; Quality assurance, health care
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