Hong Kong Med J 2009;15:378-80 | Number 5, October 2009
Isolated left ventricular non-compaction: an unusual indication for heart transplantation
Katherine YY Fan, Carmen WS Chan, LC Cheng, Ryan LY Ko, YM Lam, MH Jim, Timmy WK Au, Cally KL Ho, Elaine P Wang, Elaine MC Chau, WH Chow
Cardiac Medical Unit, Grantham Hospital, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
We report a patient with isolated left ventricular non-compaction diagnosed by echocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. She developed refractory congestive heart failure and subsequently underwent successful heart transplantation. This type of cardiomyopathy is thought to be caused by the arrest of normal embryogenesis of the endocardium and myocardium. The spectrum of clinical, radiological, and pathological abnormalities is discussed.
Key words: Cardiomyopathies; Heart failure; Heart transplantation; Heart ventricles; Ventricular dysfunction, left
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