Hong Kong Med J 2009;15:301-3 | Number 4, August 2009
Heyde's syndrome: diagnosis and management by the novel single-balloon enteroscopy
YT Hui, WM Lam, Nancy MS Fong, PK Yuen, Jodis TW Lam
Department of Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 30 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
We present a case of obscure gastro-intestinal bleeding due to small bowel angiodysplasia in a 68-year-old woman with severe aortic valve stenosis. The diagnosis was confirmed and subsequently managed using single-balloon enteroscopy.
Key words: Angiodysplasia; Aortic valve stenosis; Endoscopy, gastrointestinal; Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
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