Hong Kong Med J 2009;15:146-8 | Number 2, April 2009
Arachnoiditis ossificans
CC Chan, PY Lau, LK Sun, SS Lo
Radiology Department, United Christian Hospital, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Arachnoiditis ossificans is a rare type of chronic arachnoiditis characterised by the presence of calcification or ossification of the spinal arachnoid. There are a few reports of this condition in Japanese and western populations but no case has been reported in a Chinese population before. We describe a 35-year-old woman with typical findings of arachnoiditis ossificans. A brief review of the literature is also presented.
Key words: Arachnoiditis; Lumbar vertebrae; Ossification, heterotopic; Tomography, X-ray computed
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