Hong Kong Med J 2009;15:65-8 | Number 1, February 2009
Use of closed controlled subcutaneous drainage to manage chronic lower limb oedema in patients with advanced cancer
PT Lam, MS Wong, CY Tse
Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, United Christian Hospital, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Chronic lower limb oedema is common in patients with advanced cancer and can be difficult to manage. In this paper, we present two patients who had severe cancer-related chronic lower limb oedema which was refractory to conventional therapy. It was satisfactorily managed using closed controlled subcutaneous drainage without any skin infections or complications. We also review the prevalence, diagnosis, and management of cancer-related chronic oedema and lymphoedema.
Key words: Drainage; Edema; Lymphedema; Neoplasms
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