Hong Kong Med J 2008;14:240-3 | Number 3, June 2008
Primitive neuroectodermal tumour of the kidney: radiologic-pathological correlations
YW Chea, Rashi Agrawal, Angeline CC Poh
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Singapore General Hospital, Outram Road, Singapore 169608
A primitive neuroectodermal tumour of the kidney is a rare malignancy. We report the computed tomographic features and the histopathological correlation of such a tumour occurring in a middle-aged man. Although the radiological appearance has significant overlap with other renal tumours, this tumour should be included in the differential diagnosis of a large renal mass in younger patients.
Key words: Kidney neoplasms; Neuroectodermal tumors, primitive, peripheral; Tomography, X-ray computed
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