Volume 13 Issue 5 Supplement 5 2007
Health Services Research Fund & Health Care and Promotion Fund:
Research Dissemination Reports (Series 8)
WC Chan, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
A study of informal caregivers and the association of caregiving status with health and quality of life
SC Ho, ACM Chan, JTF Lau, J Woo
Community nurse specialists and prevention of readmissions in older patients with chronic lung disease and cardiac failure
TCY Kwok, J Woo, E Lau, D Lee, C Tang, SM McGhee
The comparative impact of video- consultation on emergency neurosurgical referrals
WS Poon, HT Wong, KYC Goh, SPY Kwok, P Jacobs
Predicting the outcome of conservative (non-surgical) voice therapy for adults with laryngeal pathologies associated with hyperfunctional voice use
EML Yiu, W Wei, A van Hasselt, R Wong
Prevention of ulcer bleeding in high-risk patients: is the enthusiasm for COX-2 selective NSAIDs justified?
FK Chan, LC Hung, BY Suen, JC Wu, KC Lee, VK Leung, AJ Hui, KF To, WK Leung, VW Wong, SC Chung, JJ Sung
Clinical outcome and impact on health care utilisation of invasive pneumococcal disease in the era of antimicrobial resistance
PL Ho, YH Cheng, SSS Chiu, KWT Tsang, DNC Tsang, RWH Yung, TL Que, TK Ng
An exploratory assessment of willingness to pay for health care in Hong Kong
J Bacon-Shone, SM McGhee
A randomised controlled trial of a supported employment programme on vocational outcomes for individuals with chronic mental illness
KK Wong, R Chiu, B Tang, SN Chiu, JL Tang
Psychosocial and physical factors predicting handicap following stroke
JPC Chau, J Woo, AM Chang
Nocturnal nasal positive pressure ventilation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Semi-supervised, domiciliary pulmonary rehabilitation programme: a controlled clinical trial
CM Lum, J Woo, F Yeung, DSC Hui, E Hui
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