Hong Kong Med J 2007;13:279-83 | Number 4, August 2007
Intussusception trends in Hong Kong children
Hong Kong Intussusception Study Group
OBJECTIVES. To assess trends in intussusception and to validate the coding in Hong Kong's computerised discharge information system.
DESIGN. Case notes were reviewed for all children under the age of 5 years who had a discharge diagnosis indicating intussusception or a procedure indicating reduction of intussusception during the 6-year period 1 July 1997 through 30 June 2003.
RESULTS. Intussusception rates for infants under 1 year of age (108/100 000) and under 5 years of age (38/100 000) were slightly higher than previous estimates (78-100/100 000 and 27-32/100 000, respectively) that used passive discharge data alone.
CONCLUSIONS. Hong Kong's passive computer data systems could be used to monitor rates of intussusception after the introduction of new rotavirus vaccines, provided readmissions, inter-hospital transfers, and hospital follow-ups for the same episode are taken into account.
Key words: Child, preschool; Infant; Intussusception; Population surveillance; Rotavirus
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