Hong Kong Med J 2007;13(Suppl 2):S44-7
Psycho-educational intervention for achieving and maintaining adequate dietary calcium intake in pre-menopausal Chinese women
PL Sullivan, FY Wong, SS Chan
Department of Nursing Studies, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
1. A psycho-educational intervention programme developed for pre-menopausal Chinese women effectively improved their knowledge, attitudes, self-reported behaviours, stages of behavioural change, and dietary calcium intake.
2. This is the first report of a calcium education programme developed based on a theoretical framework comprised of the Systems Approach Model for Designing Instruction, PROCEED, Health Belief Model, and the Transtheoretical Model.
3. Health education programme designers should consider using a theoretical framework incorporating an instructional design model to design, implement, and evaluate instructional programmes.
4. The psycho-educational intervention programme and the instructional materials can be converted into a selfinstructional programme after modification.