Volume 13 Issue 1 Supplement 1 2007
Health Services Research Fund & Health Care and Promotion Fund:
Research Dissemination Reports (Series 4)
Patrick KL Kwan, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
The effect of improving sitting posture in nursing home residents on the burden of care
KWM Ip, CMW Sum, MMC Choi, ASY Yue, E Hui, CM Lum
Falls and fall-related injuries in community-dwelling elderly persons in Hong Kong: a study on risk factors, functional decline, and health services utilisation after falls
LW Chu, I Chi, AYY Chiu
Evaluation of a mobile clinic for older people in Shamshuipo
SM McGhee, LM Ho, AWL Cheung, ASM Abdullah, CWH Chan, ACP Yeung
The impact of a false-positive result from breast cancer mammography: a qualitative pilot study
R Fielding, TH Lam
Nursing management of oral mucositis in cancer patients
AM Chang, A Molassiotis, CWH Chan, IYM Lee
A qualitative study of the experiences of Hong Kong Chinese women diagnosed with postnatal depression
SWC Chan, V Levy, T Chung, D Lee
An evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of a multisensory therapy on individuals with learning disability
SWC Chan, WT Chien, MYF To
Situational assessment as a predictor of employment outcomes in people with chronic psychiatric illness
AMH Siu, MKS Yau, PCW Lam
An exploratory study examining breastfeeding practices among mothers in a maternity hospital in Hong Kong
LH Wu, YH Cheng, CP Lee, SYC Chong
Ultrasonographic assessment of pregnancy at risk of homozygous a-thalassaemia-1 in the first trimester
YH Lam, MHY Tang, CP Lee, HY Tse, YP Lee, HY Chan, KY Leung
To assess the predictive value of ultrasonic assessment of umbilical cord morphology for intrapartum foetal distress
MS Rogers
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