Hong Kong Med J 2006;12(Suppl 2):S19-21
The influence of extrinsic and intrinsic factors on uptake rates for cervical screening: a comparison of the perceptions of Hong Kong Chinese women and practitioners
S Twinn, E Holroyd, P Adab
The Nethersole School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1. Further training for practitioners in screening techniques, particularly in communication and interpersonal skills, is needed to minimise the discomfort and embarrassment experienced by w omen attending cervical cancer screening.
2. W omen need knowledge and information about cervical cancer and its prevention to allow them to make informed choices about attending for cervical screening.
3. Practitioners need to understand the multifactorial nature of the decision-making processes women use to determine whether they attend for cervical screening.
4. A comprehensive, multi- disciplinary health promotion strategy is suggested to maximise women’s knowledge and awareness of ways to prevent cervical cancer.
5. Opportunistic screening should be used to facilitate screening of irregularly and unscreened women.