Hong Kong Med J 2006;12(Suppl 1):S14-6
A case-control study on environmental and familial risk factors for colorectal cancer in Hong Kong: chronic illnesses, medication and family history
JWC Ho, ST Yuen, TH Lam
Department of Surgery, Queen Mary Hospital
1. Individuals with a family history of colorectal cancer as well as individuals with medical illnesses including diabetes, stroke, haemorrhoids, chronic constipation, and colorectal polyp should be informed of their increased risk of colorectal cancer due to a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors.
2. To maximise cost-effectiveness in cancer prevention, the individuals stated above should be targeted for preventive health measures that include lifestyle modifications and regular screening programmes.
3. Further study into the possible protective effect of aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the local population should be undertaken.