Hong Kong Med J 2005;11:42-4 | Number 1, February 2005
Endoscopic-guided adenoidectomy using a classic adenoid curette: a simple way to improve adenoidectomy
YM Wan, KC Wong, KH Ma
ENT Department, Yan Chai Hospital, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
A total of 13 adenoidectomies using a nasal endoscopic-guided transoral adenoid curette (not yet a published standardised method) were performed to treat snoring. Nasal endoscopy allows easy assessment of the size of the adenoids and improves the accuracy of the adenoidectomy. This technique is particularly useful for paediatric patients who have small oral cavities. The assessment and excision of the adenoids in these cases are often difficult. Using the nasal endoscope, the curette can be accurately inserted at the superior border of the adenoid, allowing the complete transoral removal of the main bulk of the adenoid tissue. All 13 patients showed considerably decreased snoring and improvements in the quality of sleep as reported by the parents and the patients. We believe that nasal endoscopic-guided transoral adenoidectomy is a viable alternative to classic adenoidectomy. This technique also has the advantage of using commonly available simple ear, nose, and throat instruments.
Key words: Adenoidectomy; Airway obstruction; Curettage; Endoscopies; Snoring
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