Volume 27 Issue 3 Supplement 2, 2021
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Richard A Collins, Martin Chan Chi-wai
Electroacupuncture to reduce sedative and analgesic demands during endoscopic ultrasonography: a prospective, randomised, double-blind, sham-controlled study (abridged secondary publication)
AYB Teoh, CCN Chong, WW Leung, SKC Chan, YK Tse, EKW Ng, PBS Lai, JCY Wu, JYW Lau
Tumour-shrinking decoction for symptomatic uterine fibroids: a double-blind, randomised, two-dose trial (abridged secondary publication)
W Meng, L Lao, ZJ Zhang, WL Lin, YB Zhang, WF Yeung, YMB Yu, HYE Ng, JP Chen, J Su, JH Rong, PYF Lam, E Lee
Danshen Gegen capsule for intermittent claudication in patients with peripheral arterial disease: abridged secondary publication
BPY Yan, KP Fung, P Chook, JCM Koon, JYW Chan
Inflammatory properties of ribosome-inactivating protein momorcharin derived from bitter melon: abridged secondary publication
YJ Chen, ZL Yu, AKW Tse
Combination of atorvastatin or hydrochlorothiazide/amlodipine with Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) and Pueraria lobata (Gegen) for atherosclerosis, hyperlipidaemia, and hypertension: a preclinical in vivo study (abridged secondary publication)
DWS Cheung, JCM Koon, PH Wong, KC Yau, ECL Wat, JYW Chan, VKM Lau, ECH Ko, MMY Waye, KP Fung
Molecular diversity and evolution of bat group C betacoronaviruses: origin of the novel human group C betacoronavirus (abridged secondary publication)
SKP Lau, PCY Woo, BJ Zheng
Tropism of the novel human betacoronavirus lineage C virus in human ex vivo and in vitro cultures: potential transmissibility and pathogenesis in humans (abridged secondary publication)
MCW Chan, RWY Chan, JM Nicholls, JSM Peiris
Mechanism of inflammasome activation by SARS coronavirus 3a protein: abridged secondary publication
DY Jin, BJ Zheng, HMV Tang
Respiratory infectious diseases transmission in high-rise residential environment: abridged secondary publication
JL Niu, TCW Tung, Y Wu
Prevalence and contextual risk factors of sexually transmitted infections in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
WCW Wong, JD Tucker, HK Man, M Emch, LG Yang, Y Zhao
Symptom-specific health-seeking behaviour for common infectious diseases and implications in disease control and surveillance: abridged secondary publication
EHY Lau, IOL Wong, DKM Ip, KO Kwok, BJ Cowling
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